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Julie Hauserman is a regular contributor to radio programs heard throughout the world on, NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday and The Splendid Table.
Girl Scout Cookies
Listen via MP3A tale of little nippers and an addiction.
(March 22nd, 2008 - The Splendid Table)
Low-brow Holiday
Listen via MP3In the kitchen 'tis the season of cut-throat comptitive cooking.
(December 22nd, 2007 - The Splendid Table)
Spray Tan
Listen via MP3Shocking! People are getting their tans from a spray can.
(July 6th, 2003 - Weekend Edition Sunday)
Spring Cleaning
Listen via MP3The sun shines, and people sneeze where flowers bloom. Spring is here. A time to enjoy the wonders of spring and dread the chores it brings.
(April 27th, 2003 - Weekend Edition Sunday)
Retail Evangelism
Listen via MP3I've seen the light: it's blue and it's spinning on top of a pole at Kmart. It's time for Americans to heed the call of our national religion: shopping.
(December, 1st 2002 - Weekend Edition Sunday)
Listen via MP3The negative side effect of low-interest rates: suburbs are becoming less and less bucolic.
(October 13, 2002 - Weekend Edition Sunday)
Florida Rain
Listen via MP3It's rainy season in Florida meaning Floridians face the challenges of keeping afloat above the floods.
(July 14, 2002 - Weekend Edition Sunday)
Green Season
Listen via MP3Welcomes, then bemoans, the arrival of spring.
(April 12, 2002 - Weekend Edition Sunday)
Listen via MP3It's April 14 -- do you know where your New Year's resolutions are? I wonder what became of mine.
(April 14, 2002 - Weekend Edition Sunday)
Christmas in Florida
Listen via MP3Things are getting lonely in Florida, and sends out a plea to travelers to come back to the Sunshine State.
(December 23, 2001 - Weekend Edition Sunday)
Seasons Eatings
Listen via MP3 It's the season of the "Bulging Waste-line" and scanning the snacks at holiday parties, we might not like what we see.
(December 2, 2001 - Weekend Edition Sunday)
Listen via MP3Do you find yourself worrying? But not about the things you used to worry about before September 11?
(October 21, 2001 - Weekend Edition Sunday)
Simpler Worries of 2000
Listen via MP3The orange-level security alerts make some reminiscent of a time when all we worried about was our computers crashing at the end of the year.
(December 28, 2003 - Weekend Edition Sunday)
State Chef
Listen via MP3Florida has finally put our tax dollars to work — in the kitchen
(October 29th, 2006 - The Splendid Table)
Pot-Luck Nation
Listen via MP3Thanksgiving Pot-Luck dinner with neighbors at the Tallahassee Land Co-op.
(November 21st, 2004 - The Splendid Table)
Ugly Ripe Tomatoes
Listen via MP3The Florida tomato fight that's all about appearance over flavor.
(March 5th, 2006 - The Splendid Table)
Low-carb vs Low-fat
Listen via MP3A look at an issue that is dividing the nation, not Republicans versus Democrats, rather low-carb vs low-fat.
(March 21st, 2004 - The Splendid Table)
Watermelon Queen
Listen via MP3'Tis the time of year for food festivals, fairs and carnivals all with their own take on the pageant. True American royalty is being born across the country.
(August 8, 2004 - The Splendid Table)
Comfort Food
Listen via MP3We now know more about what food does to our bodies than at any other time in history.
(November 3, 2002 - The Splendid Table)
Snack Mom
Listen via MP3A look at the pressures of being a Snack Mom.
(February 23, 2003 - The Splendid Table)
Food As Art
Listen via MP3Some people see food simply as fuel, Julie Hauserman is beginning to see it as art.
(August 11, 2002 - The Splendid Table)

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